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Wood Elixir cleaned and restored the original beauty of this antique incubator with just one application.

Our Customers Say ...

"My wife, an experienced refinisher, was mightily impressed with the way Wood Elixir transformed the pieces we needed it for. So well pleased, in fact, that I had to visit Southworks again today, where I bought the last package of Elixir on display! Thanks."
Glen, ON

"I used my first order and I love this stuff. It even restored my kitchen cabinet where it was burned in a grease fire. Goes a long way. Thanks."
Eileen, TX

"This product does amazing things to furniture, I am impressed."
Helen, ON

"I have become one of your products greatest fans and I certainly will promote this product."
Gene, Pieces of Time Antiques, ON
(905) 894-5881

"I sell more WOOD ELIXIR than any other single product in my store."
Brain, Grayís Hardware,
Toronto, ON

"I resisted for two years because I knew that nothing would do what Wood Elixir claimed to do. Now I know it does. Thanks Murray."
M. Toppel,
"The Furniture Man", ON

"Iíve been dealing in antiques for 25 years and tried every product out there. This is it!"
Dan, Talbot Trail Antiques,
ON 519-631-6032

Now you can add value to,
and restore the original beauty of,
fine wood furniture and antiques
- without refinishing!

Dr. Woodwell Wood Elixir is a unique formulation that cleans wood furniture while rejuvenating and enhancing all types of wood finishes - in one easy step. Wood Elixir solves cleaning problems such as removal of dirt, grime, white water marks, heat blush, mildew stains, grease, wax, dried-on food & beverage stains, sticky residues from tape or gummed labels, paint smears, paint or stain over-spray, chewing gum, lipstick, magic marker, grease pencil, crayon, lead pencil, ball-point pen ink, smoke smell and cigarette odor, etc.

Wood Elixir can also be used to clean and protect painted surfaces, tin, leather, decals and transfers, wicker, rattan, brass, etc.

In most cases, simply wipe on, wait a moment, then wipe off!

What sets Wood Elixir apart from wood furniture cleaning products?

  • Powerful. While Wood Elixir is easy to use, it is a professional-strength product. Think of Wood Elixir as "furniture medicine" ... often, a small dose is all that's required. But if the condition of your furniture finish is more serious, then Wood Elixir has the power to clean and restore it.
  • Economical. Only pennies worth of Wood Elixir is all that's usually required to clean away most problems! Time and again, a small amount of Wood Elixir has turned yard-sale castoffs into prized pieces or auction super-stars!
  • Beneficial for Wood Finishes. Many cleaning products, even those that come to mind first when you think of furniture cleaning, are harmful to the finish of fine wood furniture and antiques. Wood Elixir imparts beneficial ingredients into the finish, strengthening it and helping protect against further damage.
Restore wood furniture in just one step

The Dr. Woodwell Story

Murray Westbrook, a.k.a. Dr. Woodwell, at work in his antique store

Murray Westbrook, a.k.a. "Dr. Woodwell", was born in Toronto, Canada in 1943. He moved from Toronto to the quiet area of St. Thomas, Ontario in 1989, prepared to be actively retired. The activity was the revitalization of the Historic Hamlet of Sparta in the County of Elgin. As part of the project, Murray opened several businesses in Sparta, one of them being "Victorian Times Antiques and Art", a retail antique shop. As a student of antiquities and a wood-working hobbyist with an interest in Victorian furniture, he took to the auctions as a source of supply for his store.

Here was the conundrum: the finish on the furniture is frequently in such poor condition as to require refinishing. But, refinishing is expensive and the old finish is more valuable than a new finish. Consequently, you can spend money refinishing and actually REDUCE the value of the piece. What do you do?

Murray busied himself with that challenge and, in 1995, came up with the concoction known as WOOD ELIXIR. This is a valuable product and we would like very much for you to give us the opportunity to prove it to you. It wonít take long. Results are often instant and always lasting.

Click here for information on how to purchase Dr. Woodwell Wood Elixir

Antique dealers know that the better a particular piece looks, the faster it will sell and the higher their profit will be. While Wood Elixir satisfies this need for antique shops and wholesalers, it is also an extremely valuable product for the consumer, as Robin from North Carolina found out below ...

"It only took
a few seconds
for the stain
to start disappearing!"

I recently inherited several pieces of antique furniture. One piece in particular, a four post bed, was covered in mildew. Without giving further thought Lysol was applied. OOOPPPS! It is for mold and mildew but not mold and mildew on wood. Within seconds white stains appeared on the dark wood bed. I ran to the cleaning cabinet to see what I had to fix the problem. I tried 2 different brands of furniture polish, water and even a wood enhancer but my stains weren't going anywhere.

I was sooooo embarrassed that I tried to cover up the problem with a quilt but the stains were too large to hide! My stomach hurt and my heart ached.

Then, I figured what the heck; I'll try to find a solution on the Internet. I went to a search engine and typed in wood restoration. Dr. Woodwell's Elixir site was the most economical and had the easiest application. I have to admit, for such a low price, easy application and fear of an Internet scam, I was VERY skeptical. I bought the product a hoped that I hadn't been taken for a ride. A week later the product arrived. I was so excited and yet pessimistic. I rushed to the room with my antique bed and opened the package, read the simple steps and began to apply the product. It only took a few seconds for the stain to start disappearing! Within 20 minutes I opened the package, followed the SIMPLE & EASY directions and cleaned everything up. WOW! I was so impressed!

I would never help promote a product that I didn't believe 100% in.


Robin, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina

Listed are just a few of the problems and surfaces that Wood Elixir can clean and restore:

  • dull finish
  • surface scratches
  • tin toys
  • toll painting
  • old decals,transfers
  • dehydrated finish
  • lettering
  • logos
  • combination materials i.e. metal, wood, leather
  • brass
  • rust
  • oxidized paint
  • crayon
  • candle wax
  • ink
  • oil-based stains
  • lipstick
  • finger prints
  • smoke film
  • soot
  • smoke smell

Where can I get Wood Elixir?

Wood Elixir is produced in Canada by Woodwell Products, and distributed across the US and Canada through on-line dealers, and a select number of independent retailers in southwestern Ontario and Hawaii. [Dealer opportunities available - retailers and antique professionals, please click here]

The Dr. Woodwell Guarantee:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Wood Elixir is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied,
return your purchase and receive a refund.

Still have questions? Go to our Answers & Advice page!

Woodwell Products
PO Box 20111
St. Thomas, Ontario
Canada N5P 4H4
Toll-Free: 1-877-ELIXR-IT

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